The Council of RCE Hokkaido Central will be organized and hold the roles described below:
(1) Formulate action plans for our RCE.
(2) Authorize and support the individual or collaborative activities of partners for meeting RCE goals.
(3) Promote cooperation between participating organizations and assume coordination and communication roles.
(4) Advance people’s knowledge and understanding about ESD in Central Hokkaido.
(5) Promote information exchange and mutual interactions between RCEs around the world and related institutions and organizations.

The Council shall establish both a general meeting and a steering committee. The general meeting will deliberate and make decisions regarding the above mentioned matters, with the steering committee handling more practical issues. The general meeting will elect the representative, vice-representative and steering committee members, and the steering committee would organize working groups to examine specific items and promote specific activities. The secretariat will manage the general meeting and the steering committee and support RCE activities based on the agreements of respective members. “Department of Environmental and Symbiotic Science, College of Agriculture, Food and Environment Sciences, Rakuno Gakuen University”, ” Graduate School of Environmental Science, Hokkaido University” and “Hokkaido Environment Foundation” will collaboratively take charge of the secretariat for the time being.