Geographical scope of RCE HOKKAIDO CENTRAL

Activities for ESD have been quite active in Central Hokkaido due to the population concentration described above, although such activities are also taking place around the rest of Hokkaido. Approximately 70% of universities in Hokkaido are located in Central Hokkaido. Due to this dense concentration of population, economic, funding and social resources, outcomes born in Sapporo and surrounding areas have a significant influence on efforts in other regions in Hokkaido. For this reason, activities will first of all be launched in in RCE Hokkaido Central.
In addition, the geographical scope of RCE Hokkaido Central would also ensure easy access to New Chitose International Airport. Serving as a gateway to the world, this proximity would be a powerful means of promoting potential collaborations with other RCEs in the world.

Then, building on these experiences, efforts will be made to establish subsequent RCEs around Hokkaido. And also, we would like to collaborate with every part of region in Hokkaido on ESD or SDGs.