What’s the SDGs?


SDGs is refers to the Sustainable Development Goals.

SDGs is composed of the 17 purposes.Furthermore,with each purpose,that set 169 targets generally.these targets are reflected on the claim from each country.

1.  Eradication poverty 2.    Eradication Hunger 3.   Good health and good        welfare
4. High quality education 5.   Realization of the          gender equality 6.  Sanitation water
7. The clean energy that          anyone is usable 8.   Economic growth 9.  Industry,Innovation
10. Eradicate unequal 11.Making of the                   sustainable town 12. Sustainable production        and consumption
13.Concrete measures of           the climate change 14.  Conservation of              Marine resource 15.   Conservation of Land          resources
16.Peaceful socialpromotion 17.Activation of the          global partnership

SDGs is based on development goals that wasn’t accomplished to date.All goals are put mainly on carrying it out.Furthermore,these are applied to every country without exception.